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Seven Wonders of Slovakia

Each country has its own wonders, lovely parts worth discovering, seeing and enjoying. Slovakia is still less known worldwide, but anyway it has so much to offer in such a small area. Charming little-big capital Bratislava, national parks in the heart of Slovakia, medieval castles scattered around, mysterious caves, many folk traditions, relaxing atmosphere and friendly people. We'll share with you all these wonders in 7 travel blogs.

Wonder #1 - UNESCO sights in Slovakia. Enjoy reading...

by Peter Blazicek

Czech-Slovak Conference, Pittsburgh, October 2017

Our (Peter & Jane) very first visit of the USA consisted from Pleasure & Business. Firstly, we spent 5 busy days in New York City (as probably majority of the first-time visitors do), then we moved to Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, then we spent precious time with our friends.

Finally, the Business part of the trip - was the 16th Czech-Slovak Genealogical Conference held in Pittsburgh. It was a wonderful experience and I will share some moments.

by Peter Blazicek

Top Day Trips from Bratislava

Bratislava, a charming capital of Slovakia, is located in the extreme west of the country. This offers not only very quick access to the neighbouring countries such as Austria, Hungary or Czech Republic but also a perfect starting point to explore nearby gems of Slovakia.

Let´s reveal TOP day trips from Bratislava

by Annamaria Marettova

BRATISLAVA - charming capital city hidden between Vienna and Budapest

In 1841, a famous Danish fairy-tale author, Hans Christian Andersen described the Slovakian capital as the fairytale city: „If you want a fairy-tale, then just look at your city, it itself is a fairytale...“

Welcome to lovely Bratislava!

by Annamaria Marettova